Month: April 2023

How much does insurance cover tree removal after a storm

Trees are beautiful additions to any property. However, they can cause serious damage to your home and other structures. This is why homeowner insurance policies often pay for tree removal after a storm. Your home insurance policy will not cover a tree that has fallen. It all depends on where it fell from. Most policies…

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How to Handle Fallen Tree Removing

Trees make a beautiful addition to the landscape and can add both beauty as well as character to your home. Trees can pose risks and present challenges. When high winds, storms, or strong winds blow through, a tree can fall. This can cause damage to your property, and even pose a risk to you and…

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What is the cost of insurance to pay for tree removal after a storm?

Although trees are a wonderful addition to any property they can also cause damage to your home or other structures if they do fall on it. This is why homeowners insurance often covers tree removal following a storm. The circumstances of the tree's fall and its location will determine whether your home insurance will cover…

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